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One of the most powerful tools a business can have today is a strong and effective drag and drop website maker. Like any other element of a business today, how a website is developed and managed is going to play an absolutely critical role in how well a business can perform.

The modern way of making websites is vastly different to what it was even a decade ago. Let’s take a look at just how websites tend to be managed and looked after.

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we have a better range of drag and drop website builders than before

How Are Websites Developed Today?

Typically, most people tend to turn to what is known as a ‘Content Management Suite’ or CMS system. These are typically user-friendly, graphically managed website development tools such as WordPress or Joomla, or some other Check out this drag and drop website builder. Others tend to go down a more traditional route and use HTML to code the website from scratch.

The most popular website builder is probably WordPress, with the ease of use in the back-end (arranging the website is like building it with Microsoft Word; it’s all very easy) and the range of designs available. Not only does this make WordPress far more powerful, but it makes it the common go-to option for a variety of reasons.

Website development tools, though, are constantly changing. We have lots of options open to us in what was once a previously closed shop. From using HTML coding to WordPress management, we have a better range of choices in front of us than ever before.

However, a website can be developed in the right way regardless of the tools being used. They all offer a way to build a website that’s user-friendly, even for those without technical expertise.

One of the most popular tools at this moment in time, though, is Mobirise Website Builder.

Introducing Mobirise Website Builder

mobirise drag and drop html5 became extremely popular a short time ago

According to the best website builders review, Mobirise Website Builder became extremely popular a short time ago, and has since dominated the market with a simple and effective approach to making a website. As the name suggests, this was built with the idea of using more than one screen, as many people do today. Using a brilliant drag-and-drop interface, this has arguably the easiest usability in the world for creating a website.

All you need to do is download the software and load it up on your machine – from there, you can work through the simple Wizard Guide to prepare the software as you desire. The fact that this is a downloadable app is a very big positive in many aspects, but you just have to appreciate that you need to have a copy saved online and regularly updated if you want to move around the website design.

That being said, though, the ease of use and the variety of options that you get with the software easily trumps this. In terms of giving you a website builder that is quite flexible, Mobirise Website Builder is arguably the strongest on the market. It’s meant for building things like portfolios, landing pages and small business websites for products, services, events and businesses.

You get plenty of access to useful add-ons such as slider galleries, Google Maps integration, social media management, interactive menus and much more. This makes it really easy for you to build a website that feels modern and fluid, capable of delivering the needed services.

drag and drop website maker makes it really easy for you to build a website

Creating a Website with Mobirise Website Builder

Building a website with Mobirise Best Simple Drag Drop Website could not be easier! Although a little daunting at first, when you get started you should find it much easier to enjoy. With 22 videos to pick from that showcases everything from how to get started to adding advanced features, though, you can self-teach yourself how to use Mobirise drag and drop website builder in no time at all.

Best of all, it’s totally free! There’s NO charge for using this tool – it just offers a simple website building solution without ever having to pay. You can even build fully competitive and commercial websites with Mobirise Website Builder that you never have to part with a dime with.

However, you do need to manage things like getting your own hosting, your own URL and managing the publishing the site yourself. If you really struggle with this kind of thing, you’ll find people on freelancing websites like Fiverr who can upload it all for you for just $5!

You start off with a blank page that can be populated in any way that you wish. By simply dragging on blocks of content it automatically creates a website element. Then, you can edit anything that you like from that moment on. It’s a drag and drop style of design that lets you get creative, from changing the layout to the website style and even the fonts being used.

You more or less just need to get used to the idea of experimenting at first, but it becomes easier as you go. Keep in mind that Mobirise drag and drop website maker is meant to be used for both desktop and mobile sites, so this all comes as fully mobile ready.

In a world where mobile marketing is now becoming the major route to go down for successful business management, this is a useful add-on that takes away one of the most contentious issues for many web designers.

Customer support for the software is brilliant, too. If you find that you have any issues outside of the comprehensive range of tutorials which are offered with the software, then you can contact support for more information. This is very useful, knowing that you have a team behind the software who can help you implement just about any feature or make any kind of website alteration.

mobirise is meant to be used for both desktop and mobile sites


Overall, Mobirise Website Builder is one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive website builders out there. It takes very little time to get used to its quirky style and the drag and drop nature means that you can easily get the website looking just as you planned in no time at all.

If you want an option that takes away the planning and the coding of building your own website, then Mobirise free website builder might just be the solution for you!

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