Hi. I downloaded the demo version, and I don't understand how to process more than one file at a time.

Andreas Breitshopp

Okay, so I realize that this tool is for JavaScript. But I was playing around with the javascript scrambler, and I noticed that style sheets could also benefit from the size reduction of remedial 'obfuscation' (obviously without any name changes).
I dramatically reduced the size of one of my style sheets using this tool, and it is soooo close to working. There is just one catch. After the closing bracket "}" the javascript scrambler includes a semicolon. Including the ability to obfuscate style sheets would be an awesome improvement on this tool, and it doesn't look like it would be terribly hard to implement.


This javascript scrambler looks like it does what I want but I can't tell from the free version.


I think the Javascript Obfuscator is a very good product and we would like to use it for some serious project. However, we found that it doesn't support php files, which makes it hard for us to use it because we build our website on php and javascript and all our files are .php and .js files.


The obfuscating of the Javascript Obfuscator works quite nice. But I'm having some trouble using it in batch mode. I find the information given on the website very limited.


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