What's New

Version 4.3 available
  • Recent files menu option is added.
  • Create backup option is added.
    Create backup
  • A lot of minor changes.
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Version 4.2
  • New engine with an unique compression module. It provides best compression ratio comparing with other js minifiers.
  • The compression is fully safe. That means that the compressed version of your JavaScript is ready-to-use without a worry about a possible script malfunction.
  • Now, in most cases, it's not necessary to obfuscate names of variables, because the compression makes the code completely unreadable.
  • New clean interface.
  • Folder drag-n-drop.
  • 'View source in Notepad' and 'View result in Notepad' functions are added.
  • Header comment can be added to every processed file.
  • A lot of minor changes.
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Version 3.1.8
  • The improved engine. Before Javasript file processing its syntax is checked:
    • Parser completely corresponding the standard;
    • Exact recognition of regular expressions;
    • Exact recognition of a code.
  • Automatic correction of the incorrect syntax is added (JSO adds ; and brackets where it is necessary).
  • The program interface is changed.
  • 'Create backup files' setting is added.
  • Several minor fixes.
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Version 3.0.5
  • New engine. Before Javasript file processing its syntax is checked.
  • You can indicate symbols which will be used for generation.
  • New format of project files. Support of old project files.
  • The ability to assign a header file is added.
  • Command line support!
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Version 2.53
  • New version!
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Version 2.22
  • bug fix version of protect javascript source program
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Version 2.01
  • command line support
  • keywords.lst - defines reserved language specific words that can't be changed
  • custom file extensions can be added in .ini file
  • fixed bug with processing if/else and try/catch
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